Monday, June 24th

  • Registration
  • Sessions
  • Welcome party

Tuesday, June 25th

  • Sessions

  • Poster session

  • Field trip to the Asphalt mine of Tabuna and/or Streppenosa

Wednesday, June 26th

  • Full day excursion

  • Field trip to the Pantalica fluviokatst valley (Natural Reserve)

  • Visit to Monello cave (Natural Reserve)

  • Gala party for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of CIRS Ragusa, Hyblean Center of Speleo-Hydrogeological Research

Thursday, June 27th

  • Visit of Realmonte/Ravanusa Salt Mine, Scala dei Turchi
  • Trekking between gorges and caves in the Vallone del Ponte (Sant’Angelo Muxaro)

Friday, June 28th

  • Trekking to the fluviokarst Cava Grande del Cassibile (Natural Reserve)

Saturday, June 29th

  • Trekking to Mt. Etna*, lava tube caves, Valle del Bove