Encouraged by the appreciated events, organized in 2019 in Ragusa and in Custonaci in 2022, which saw the presence of numerous participants, such as university professors and researches from prestigious universities, speleologists, hikers and nature enthusiasts, in the context of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the CIRS - Hyblean Center of Speleo-Hydrogeological Research, the third edition of Man and Karst in Sicily is organized and will take place in Ragusa (Sicily) from 24 to 29 June 2024.

In the magical historical location of Ragusa, chief town of the southernmost province of Italy, as well as Tunis, the Hyblean foreland in the center of the Mediterranean, as if to underline its geological belonging to the northernmost sector of the African platform; UNESCO world heritage site for its splendid baroque, enclosed between two fluviokarst valleys, in this fascinating historical-geographical context we will return to discuss of Man and his relationship with the Karst, to share and enrich ourselves with new research experiences, to review old friends and making new ones.

And taking advantage of this geographical centrality, how could we not explore, from 24 to 29 June, some of the most interesting karst contexts of this extreme south-eastern sector of Sicily, and not only by looking, with the excursions proposed by us, in the hyblean fluviokarst canyons, then to the west fascinating landscape scenery of the evaporite basin of central-southern Sicily with its gypsum caves, and northwards on the slopes of the highest active volcano in Europe with its lava tubes.

Man and Karst 2024 in Sicily, in the same way as the previous past editions, wants to give a contribution to the knowledge, enhancement and safeguard of the karst landscape and caves with their ecosystems and historical-anthropological resources as a whole, as an instrument and optimal function of scientific research, not as often for its own sake or for the sake of a few users, but rather, at the service and for the benefit of the whole community.


The event will be held in Ragusa Ibla (Sicily), from 24 to 29 June, a magical and fascinating baroque historic town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


First Circular: Click here to download the first circular and complete program of Man and Karst 2024

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Template Conference: Click here to download the template conference of Man and Karst 2024


  • Municipality of Ragusa

  • C.I.R.S. – Hyblean Center of Speleo-Hydrogeological Research, Ragusa, Italy

  • Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, University of Catania, Italy

  • Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra e Geoambientali, Università di Bari Aldo Moro

  • Dipartimento MIFT, University of Messina

  • DMG di Matematica e Geoscienze, Università di Trieste

  • Department of Earth Science, University of Benghazi

  • Ordine Regionale Geologi di Sicilia

  • UNESCO Chair on Karst Education, Vipava, Slovenia

  • ZRC SAZU Karst Research Institute, Postojna, Slovenia

  • TETIDE APS, Italy


  • Karst geomorphology
  • Karst hydrogeology and water protection
  • Speleology and Cave conservation

  • Archeology and paleontology in karst caves

  • Biospeleology and ecology

  • Vulnerability, protection and fruition of karst landscapes and caves

  • Mines in karst areas

  • Karst geohazards

  • Caves in volcanic areas

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