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Centro Ibleo di Ricerche Speleo-idrogeologiche

4th International Symposium on karst in the south Mediterranean Area: Karst Geosites

4th International Symposium on Karst in the south Mediterranean area

The CIRS – Hyblean Center for Speleo-Hydrogeological Researches – in the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its foundation, with the patronage of UNESCO – IHP, the Italian Geological Society, the International Union of Speleology and the Italian Speleological Society, organizes in collaboration with the Order of the Regional geologists of Sicily, the 4th International Symposium on karst in the south Mediterranean area, which has as its general topic the Geosites, intended as geological and geomorphological heritage of particular scientific and environmental value of a territory, with particular attention to the surface and underground karst singularity.

Topics & Goals

The Symposium aims at the discussion of specific issues relating to the enhancement of the karst heritage with the purpose of its preservation and protection as a distinctive element of geodiversity of an area in terms of geological, geomorphological and hydrological features.

The Symposium also looks to emphasizes, through the presentation of papers and discussions, how the geoconservation should appropriately be joined with actions of raising awareness and knowledge through programs of cultural appeal, educational and enjoyment, which put in the right light the importance and significance of these natural singularities, important witnesses of geological processes in the history of the Earth.


Supporting organizations

CIRS – Hyblean Center for Speleo-Hydrogeological Researches

RNOZ – Sicily Region, Zingaro Oriented Natural Reserve

ORG – Order of the Regional Geologists of Sicily


Institutional patronages

Sicily Region – Assessorato Territorio e Ambiente

Municipality of Favignana and Egadi islands

Superintendence of Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Trapani

Superintendence of Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Caltanissetta

Superintendence of Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Agrigento

Superintendence of Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Siracusa

Superintendence of Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Ragusa


Cultural patronages

UNESCO – IHP – International Hydrological Programme

SGI- Italian Geological Society

CNG – National Council of Geologists

UIS – International Union of Speleology

SSI – Italian Speleological Society

FSRS – Regional Sicilian Speleological Federation


Scientific partecipations

University of Palermo

University of Catania

University of Messina

University of Benghazi

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Karst Research Institute, Postojna, Slovenia

University of Bristol

Damanhour University, Egypt

University of Malta, Department of Geography


Preliminary program & abstracts

The preliminary program below, considers the presentation of both the papers of invited authors and also those from the participants of the Symposium. These latter should send an abstract which will be submitted for acceptance to the Scientific Committee established for this purpose. Exhibition spaces will also be provided for the presentation of posters, photos, maps and anything else regarding the themes of the Symposium. A second circular with the final program is scheduled for the end of April and will be sent to the registered participants.


Friday, 30 May 2014
Registration of partecipants
Welcome party

Presentation of papers


Saturday, 31 May 2014
Half-day excursion – Geology structures and hypogean systems of Favignana
Presentation of papers

Gala dinner

Sunday, 1 June 2014
Post-symposium one-day excursion (Favignana and Levanzo Islands)


Monday, 2 June 2014

Post-symposium one-day excursion (Zingaro Natural Reserve):


Registration and call for abstracts 

Interested people can register contacting the secretary at the numbers listed under or in the registration section of the Symposium in the website: www.cirs-ragusa.org. The deadline for the presentation of the abstracts (in English) is agreed for March 31st 2014, while acceptance will be notified within April 30th 2014. It is possible to present posters and these should be sent to the organizers at least 5 day before the Symposium starts.


Logistical informations

Please notice that this is a preliminary info, to be extended with further assistance and useful travel tips very soon! For partecipants from abroad, the most convenient travel to the symposium is by air to the Birgi – Trapani Airport www.trapaniairport.it in Sicily. Then, Favignana island can be reached by ship/boat from the Trapani  harbour. The airport is only 16 km from Trapani and the transport from airport and by ship/boat to Favignana island will be provided for the participants of the Symposium on expected arrival/departure days.


Registration fee

The registration fee is 75,00 € and includes:

– Participation in the Symposium

– Presentation of abstracts

– Coffee break

– Welcome party of Friday, 30 May 2014

– Half-day excursion of Saturday, 31 May 2014: geology and Latomie of Favignana island

– One-day excursion of Monday, 2 June 2014: coastal and summit karst areas of Zingaro Reserve

– Symposium kit with brochure of programme and abstracts


CIRS secretary:

Dr. Flaminia Asta (CIRS): Mob. +39 3203659964

Dr. Giusy Adragna (CIRS): Mob. +39 3204737655

Dr. Fabio Fazio (ORG): Mob. +39 3288460157



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